Vision on the Village BOOKLET - Peregian Beach, Qld , Australia
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Integrity of process

An exciting community driven process has taking place in Peregian Beach in 2013. 

The idea for the Vision on the Village project was born out of our collaboration as a community collective. Local Clubs, Groups & Associations representative getting together to discuss their visions & concerns for this place.

Several plans have been made over the years for Peregian Beach.

  • 2006-7 Noosa Council undertook a masterplan of Peregian Beach Square. (Streetscape Beautification works)
  • 2012-13 Sunshine Coast Council - Peregian Beach Park - Landscape Masterplan
  • Late 2013 Sunshine Coast Council - Peregian Beach Recreation and Community Precinct - Activation Plan 

These plans are all segments of our overall town.


An effective vision for any one part can only be achieved when you look at the integral development of the complete Village from the beach to the wetlands.

‘Vision on the Village’ is to be the legacy of the Peregian Beach Sports & Recreation Club (formerly the PB Bowls Club) as it finally

wraps up and tries to find a home for all its memorabilia and honorary boards. 


At the fireplace at Boreen Point at the opening of the Float Land Festival in June 2013, I met the person who has become instrumental in allowing the people of Peregian Beach to create a community driven vision for our village.

Hans Oerlemans , urban designer, townplanner and landscape architect is the founder of wOnder city + landscapes with 20 years experience working on projects in Europe, United State, Russia and New Zealand. He recognizes the unique character of Peregian Beach Village and kindly offered to implement this long term vision for the town pro bono.