Peregian Beach Village Square

Eat . Read . Drink . Play . Post . Stroll . Connect . Free WiFi

Peregian Beach Village Square is a rare gem that provides a shady green heart for locals and visitors to peacefully enjoy while dining, shopping and collect their mail.

Town Squares are not that common in Australian Coastal Towns. 

The picnic tables created by Richard Newport are very popular with family & friends on a summers night for a feast from local eateries.

The Square is the heart of the beachside town and interconnects the lanes and paths that are in walking distance of everything one needs.

The Stage design hints at the old pool that once occupied the square,and spans over the central space with enlarged postcard proportioned frames reminiscent of photographs of seaside holidays.


To host an event on the stage - contact Council to discuss the timing and a Community Land Permit

Also check out Veggie Village in Peregian Beach. The local community gardens are only a short walk across the road down the lane near the Pub, passed the Kindy, opposite the Tennis courts. This is the real centre of the community where a healthy future is growing.


'Postcards of Peregian'

By Sharyn Kerrigan


The design concept is based on a simple idea of framing views through the square with large postcard proportioned (6x4) frames of steel.

Postcard from Peregian_ Activity Platfor
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.7 MB

The Recreational Facilities were established early in the development of the town. 


Up rose an Emu is a good source of information written by Peter Sharpe.


Mr. Sharpe clarified:


The original design of the township wad done by Jones, Flint and Pike and its main director working on the TMB holdings was Ron Jones and before him a Mr. Ernie  Fox, who probably had a hand in the original design. When I first saw it is late 1961, it was a simple square design with surrounding streets Grebe etc and smaller allotments. 
Later when the Peregian Promotional Project was advanced by TMB it involved the Pool, Caravan Park, Sports oval and Tennis courts which he helped finish off and were opened on the 23rd October 1964







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