Peregian Beach

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The world belongs to early risers!

An amazing stretch of Coastline that runs from Coolum Headland in the south to Noosa Headland in the North.

Peregian Beach Village can be recognised by the cluster of tall Norfolk Pine Trees.

Wise town planning has preserved the natural beauty of the place. South Peregian Beach showcases this planning approach, where you can not see (m)any houses from the beach. There are serious penalties for clearing dune vegetation to create view line from private dwellings.

The Patrolled Beach - 'the flags' are in front of the village centre - where the Pine trees grow in the Dunes.

The trained volunteers in the Peregian Beach Surf Life Saving Club are stationed here and provided a invaluable service to the local community. New active and social members are always welcome and there is a wonderful Nipper & Youth program available.

If you are a member of Coastal watch -You can check out the Peregian Beach web cam


A whale's view of Peregian Beach
A whale's view of Peregian Beach