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Courtesy of Coolum & North Shore Coastcare volunteers- June 2016
Courtesy of Coolum & North Shore Coastcare volunteers- June 2016

If you find a turtle washed up on the beach – either dead or alive – please don’t put it back into the water. Even a live turtle will only wash up if they are already ill. Please contact either the Marine Animal Stranding Hotline – 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) or the wonderful volunteers at the Coolum Coast Care Turtle monitoring team

o Ben  0416 299 854
o Stephanie  0412 904 216

o Leigh  0407 397 018
o Michelle  0413 597 724

o Sherida   0403 370 157
o Susan   0409 807 110

Mother Green (approx 50 years old) laid on Feb 1st 2012

Her nest ran on Anzac Day morning - 101 baby Green Turtle made it to sea - (92 hatchling plus 9 more a few days later) 

You have to wonder if she knows where they are now!

20th MARCH 2013

For all those following the story about the Turtle Nest that was exposed by the dune erosion 10 days ago....
The nest relocation by the wonderful Coolum District Coast Care Group Turtle Volunteers was "successful."
The nest ran tonight and lots of little Loggerhead Sea Turtles marched down the beach & out in to the water.

It is a magic story for all of us but it must be very special for Chloe & Harrison who had hadpremature turtles hatching in their tee shirts while they waited for the trained team from Coastcare to come to the rescue. It is probable that none would have survived in the original nest if it had been left open and exposed.
Loggerhead turtles are an endangered species. 
As only 1 in 1000 hatchlings make it to maturity, we need to give every single egg a chance! 
There are only 8 trained and qualified volunteers, to cover the area between Sunshine Beach and the Maroochy River, so they are very dependant on the public to help them out and contact them about all local turtle activity.

Native Plant Nursery

This non-profit nursery specialises in local native plants including the salt tolerant species that are iconic to the Sunshine Coast.

Located on the south side of Coolum near the big yellow dinosaur park formerly known as the Hyatt Coolum Golf Course.

Coolum Native Nursery


There are many snakes in our natural coastal environment, living in dunes and surrounding bushland.

It's worth being aware of the different species, their habitat and who to call if you are concerned about their location.

Sunshine Coast snake catchers offers a free snake identification service. Simply mail your photo (taken from a safe distance)along with your location to 

Also check out Richie on