Indigenous Culture

We obviously could learn a lot about a place from the indigenous people who may have lived here for 60,000 years.


It is understood weather and seasons were big factors in the movement of people around the area when hunting and collecting food resources.


It would be wonderful to have a better understanding and sensitivity to the interrelationship between all life forms and spiritual connection to the land.



A few links to what little is known

     Weather . Seasons . Natural Food Sources . Kanyini

Maybe a Midden

It is understood 'shell middens' are places where the debris from eating shellfish and other food has accumulated over time.

Middens are usually in the best possible spot - a pleasant place, that's easy to get to, where there are plenty of shellfish. They are often fairly close to fresh water on a level, sheltered surface.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between naturally accumulating shell beds and culturally formed middens.



Being connected to everything around you - oneness.

Kanyini is a sacred principle of unconditional love and responsibility for all things. 

Tjukurrpa .Ngura . Waltyja . Kurunpa 


It is well worth finding the time to watch the whole movie which is available free on Youtube.