Where is Peregian Beach?


Peregian Beach is the gateway entrance to the Noosa National Park region of the Sunshine Coast where the natural assets of the area are respected and valued highly. On a sting of beautiful beaches, Peregian Beach is located 13 kms south of Noosa Heads, and just an easy 5km beach walk or bike ride north of Coolum Beach.


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Visiting Peregian Beach Village

The most enjoyable way to visit Peregian Beach Village is by foot or by bicycle. 

There are plenty of Beach Houses & Apartments to stay in the coastal township and all your daily needs can be met by the traders in the village.



If you are coming barefoot on the beach - look for the tall Norfolk Pine Trees that mark where the village is. Beach Access 57 & 58

From Noosa

Noosa is only 15km North from Peregian Beach. 


For the fit & energetic there is the combination of Noosa National Park 

Trails , Beach walks and a Coastal Bike Track that will deliver you to the Village. Definitely the way to travel to justify the delicious pastries and food selection available in this Coastal Hamlet.

BUS - The 620  Noosa to Peregian Beach

(to Maroochydore)

A cruisey 30 minute public bus trip along the scenic coastal drive, David Low Way, will have you on the doorstep of Peregian Beach Village.

Here is the Translink Journey Planner Link

and the 620 Timetable link

From Coolum

Coolum is less than 6km from the heart of Peregian Beach.

It makes for a beautiful walk or bicycle ride at low tide.

There is a scenic walking/Cycling path along side David Low Way from Coolum that connects with Lorikeet Drive at the South end of Peregian Beach. The 620 Bus runs between Coolum & Peregian Beach regularly.

From the Airport

Peregian Beach is ideally located from the Sunshine Coast-Maroochydore Airport. The 18km journey can be enjoyed by public bus/ luxury private vehicles. The drive along the Coastal Drive- David Low Way is the scenic route and brings you into Peregian Beach via Coolum Beach with spectular views up to Noosa Heads.

A beach holiday without a car can be liberating.

Good quality local food supplies and essentials can be arranged and purchased in Peregian Beach Village. The morning walk or bike ride to pick up fresh bread & the paper is a simple pleasure in Peregian Beach Village.

Here is the Public Bus Journey Planner link from the Airport to Peregian Beach Village Centre.


Local Luxury Private Transfer Services:


Brisbane Airport shuttle bus



Unfortunately we only have one Taxis company working on the coast. It can be difficult to get a taxis on weekends, holidays and busy times.

Suncoast Cabs Ph 131 008


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