Pretty much everything needed can be found in one or more of the Locally ownered Shops in Peregian Beach Village. Why shop elsewhere!


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Just ask one of the friend traders to connect you whats available in the village. It's a small town ...evryone knows each other:-)



The Bent Banana- Grocer - Organic & local

The Peregian Bakery

The Friendly Grocer - Four Square supermarket


The Peregian Bakery- baked daily

Baked Poetry - Bakery- baked daily

Le Bon Delice - French Patisserie - baked daily

The Bent Banana - Grocer

Olives & Cheese

The Bent Banana - Grocer

Baked Poetry - Deli

The Friendly Grocer - Four Square supermarket


The Bent Banana - stocks Forest Glen Organic Meat & Chicken-frozen

Baked Poetry - sliced hams and salami

The Friendly Grocer - Four Square supermarket


Wahoo - fresh fish fillets

Fruit & Veg

The Bent Banana

The Peregian Market - 1st & 3rd Sunday mornings

The Friendly Grocer - Four Square Supermarket

Please comment/email with other local stockist so a useful directory can be created.

Baked Poetry Deli / Cafe

Cheeses, Cold meats, Sausages, Condiments, Homemade Mustard, etc

The Friendly Grocer

There is something nostalgic about large icecream advertisements and bubble gum machines. The Four Square Friendly Grocer creates the pulse in the village. Local's & Visitors, young & old, flow in and out of this corner store all day from 7am to 7pm. 


The proposed new development on the site is on hold and the Friendly Grocer is under new management til at least 2015.


The Bakery

Bread . Salad rolls . Pies . Sausage Rolls . Cold drinks . Eggs. Milk

A favourite with the tradies, the Peregian Beach Bakery has everything for a morning tea. Open early. Baked Daily

The Pharmacy

Health . Care . Nappies . Toiletries . Cleaning products. Sunscreen 

Peregian Beach Guardian Pharmacy is well stocked with toiletries, sunscreens, hats & sunglasses as well as prescription medications.