Peregian Beach Community Garden


Veggie Village is a thriving community garden tucked in behind the old Peregian Beach Bowling Club next to a fresh water spring running around the edge of Di Hurst Oval to the Peregian Wetland National Park.  

Anyone can become an active member and rent a veggie plot or attend the many workshops on nurturing the soil and growing healthy edible produce. On your next visit checkout the brick paved paths which once lined Hastings Street, Noosa Heads and the Earth berm boundary that was salvaged when the virgin bushland was excavated from the Coles Supermarket site at Peregian Springs.

'Waste not want not'

The Community Garden has established a new website 

Also checkout the story about the fresh water spring that feeds the garden and the small fragile ecology that helps keep teh insects in control.

Recycling Traders Food Waste

A wonderful project has been initiated at Veggie Village Community Gardens to begin recycling local food outlet waste into compost.

The cool staff at Finders Keepers, Sushi Wave, Le Bon Delice and Raw are roostered with Veggie Village volunteers to collect and deliver the food scraps down to the Community Garden every day.

As much as 150 litres of fruit & veggie pulp, vegetable scraps, etc are collected per day which therefore does not go into land fill. 

I am sure these great volunteers would appreciate being shouted a coffee now & then.

Pizza Day July 2012 at Veggie Village, Peregian Beach
Pizza Day July 2012 at Veggie Village, Peregian Beach