Peregian Beach Community House

'the place to meet'


The Public Building and the Community House Website provides a wonderful gateway entrance to Peregian Beach.

The site containing a wealth of local history and information about the place and the facilities available in the Community House and how to be involved.

The Public Building was tendered out by the Sunshine Coast Council as a Design & Construct based on architectural Drawings & specifications produced by Thompsett Architecture.


The winning tender was by local Builder Altum who engaged good friend & local architect Dan Sparks to come up with a totally different design approach to the project.


The project went on to win the 2010 RAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture &  Gabriel Poole award fro Building of the Year.


Altum Builders - Design Principles for Community House Building
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Peregian Community House Knitting Group
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About our group:   Our group formed within an atmosphere of friendship, congeniality & community spirit  to enable us to provide handmade knitted /crochet items to those in genuine need, at the same time as connecting our community to the broader community.


Our Purpose:  It is within our nature to assist others in need.  The group was formed with several community focused objectives: so that those who love to knit and crochet could do so in the companionship of others within a community environment (the Community House): to provide warm items of clothing to those in genuine need within our ‘community’ (not limited by distance, age, gender, health, etc):   to provide an opportunity for those who may live alone, or lack congenial companionship, to participate in a purposeful community group:    to teach others to knit and crochet.


Our meetings are casually structured so everyone feels welcome, enjoys the morning of company and is recognised for their contributions.   Our two coordinators keep in touch with attending members via email and phone and via phone or visits with those without transport to enable them to contribute and share in community.   The coordinators also liaise with various charity and community groups to determine their needs, thus connecting our community group with the broader community.    


Our Values are those of the Community House:   inclusiveness,  respect,  trust,  sharing,  transparency