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The quiet achievers in our Community are having a significant impact on ridding this beautiful place of noxious weeds and development scares.

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Meetings on every 2nd Sunday of each Month at the picnic table in Victory Park, Lorikeet Drive, Peregian Beach.

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PBCA has a track record of halting proposed highrise, diverting proposed traffic from Lorikeet Dr back to David Low Way, earning $190,000 in Aust Govt grants to assist us in the regeneration & revegetation of 2kms to dunal bushland, Lorikeet Park & currently the Eastern side of David Low Way, etc etc.


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Proposed Changes to Level 3 - First Floor Plan

Development Approval- Level 3 - Low Cost Accommodation


In 2009, at mediation in the Planning & Environment Court (P&E Court), the SCRC agreed to give Scanlon Property Group Pty Ltd approval to replace the caravan park with a retail/restaurant and residential development subject to certain conditions. One of the conditions was that there would be no outside dining to the restaurant to ensure that noise to local residents was minimized. Another was that the developer was to provide low cost budget accommodation in place of the caravan park. In the commercial part of the development, this involved hostel accommodation with 68 bunk beds in 12 dormitory rooms.


In December 2011, the developer applied to the P&E Court to vary the conditions of the approval. In the application, in the main, it sought to stage the development, to delete the condition prohibiting outdoor dining, and to amend the operating hours from a 7am to 6am start. (It subsequently abandoned this last request.) It also sought amendments to the hostel to provide balconies to rooms and what was described as “minor changes to the internal layout.” These changes were not detailed in the application but involve replacing the hostel style bunk bed accommodation with 14 motel style units sleeping 30 persons. SCRC failed to uphold its requirement for low cost budget accommodation and did not consider this a significant change to the approval. It did not bring the effect of the change to the attention of the Court.


On 24 January 2012, before the community was aware of the extent of the variations sought, the Court, in the presence of the SCRC, approved the variation of all conditions other than the balconies and outdoor dining. The SCRC did not file any material in the Court other than the letters of objection sent by the original objector and the Peregian Beach Community Association Inc (PBCAI).


The developer only provided the original objector and the PBCAI with some of the application documents on 4 February 2012 and requested a response by 9 February. Both sent detailed objections which the SCRC provided to the P&E court at its hearing on 10 February.


On 10 February 2012, the P&E Court refused the developer’s application in relation to balconies and outdoor dining. Apparently the Court agreed with the letter from the PBCAI and the original objector that the community should be given an opportunity to be heard on these issues.


The community can only be heard if the developer is required to make an application to SCRC and advertise the application to which the community can lodge objections with SCRC. This is how the developer now will be required to proceed if it wants outdoor dining to the restaurants and balconies to its motel style rooms.


The community will need to be alert to any application by the developer and submit objections if an application is lodged.


Report Provided by Barry Cotterell


Proposed Changes to Level 2- Retail on Ground Floor Plan