Taken to Court!

The Volleyball Courts will remain dormant for awhile longer as the Applicant for a Development Approval on Rufous Street in Peregian Beach by-passes Local Council and heads to the Court with no recreational attributes for participants! - Qld's P & E court.


The appeal by Multi Span Australia Group Pty Ltd No 4341 of 2013 to the Planning and Environment Court against the deemed refusal of its application by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council in relation to the Rufous Street supermarket application.


All those who made a proper submission to SCRC in relation to the application the Sunshine Coast Council was to consider, have now received in the mail, a Notice of the Appeal from Multi Span Australia Group Pty Ltd.

Anyone who has received a Notice can decide to become a party to the court proceedings by filing  an Entry of Appearance in the Court and sending a copy to each other party.


However, several incorporated community organisations are currently considering their position and will be holding meetings of members to decide whether or not they should become Co-Respondents. Once a community organisation has become a Co-Respondent, individual members of the community might decide to join it and assist it in various ways in making the case against this development. 


Sunshine Coast Council has filedas Respondent.

Stay tuned - to find out which community organisations have decided to become a Co-Respondent.

Here is a link to all the proper submissions made within the statutory planning process undertaken by our council.


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Multi Span Appeal Notice.
Multi Span Appeal.pdf
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