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It's time to fight for our village


The appeal of Peregian Beach is the perfect sandwich; our bustling village square in the centre with a glorious beach on one side and public recreation land on the other.

That land - zoned for public recreation use - the old bowls club site, is now under threat by developers

who want to change the zoning, make a windfall profit and destroy our village balance forever.


1. It would remove scarce and much-needed public recreation land at a time when our community,

young and old, are crying out for more of this space. A strong community demand for this public land

usage has been expressed by local sporting groups, and this future demand is supported by

Peregian's growing younger demographic. The zoning for community recreation space MUST be retained.


2. This commercial sprawl would drain dollars away from the businesses in the square and away

from the village itself. Spurious claims have been made about the economic benefits of the

application. In fact local businesses hold strong concerns that a fragmented retail and commercial

strip will have a severely negative impact on local companies.


3. It would create a busy, dangerous traffic choke point into Rufous street, next to our kindergarten,

veggie village, tennis courts, oval and community house.

That's why our community groups don't want


4. It would destroy the carefully planned, approachable, human scale of our village in a long-term erosion of what makes Peregian Beach attractive, popular and prosperous.

That's why the town does not want it.


This is a message from the combined community business and sporting groups of Peregian Beach



Use the basic points above, or your own reasons, to write a short submission

A copy of the standard submission registration form and additional information worth considering is available on the PEREGIAN BEACH COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION website



Stories about the Bowls Club history & the community driven actions to support sports & recreation on this site can be sourced at http://www.inperegianbeach.com/talk-of-the-town-blog/

To stay in touch with local knowledge in Peregian Beach you can also connect on the Peregian Beach Village facebook page,

which is hosted by local architect Sharyn Kerrigan.

This can provide a social transparent way to connect to the larger community, ask questions, address requests,volunteer & make comments about the local issues in real time.


Please feel free to distribute this to neighbours, friends, family, school children, interstate grandparents, holiday makers, seasonal nomads, house guests, and tourist who enjoy the unique character of Peregian Beach ... and want to help save it.


The attached pdf is an Objection Submission template you can use / add additional points / address & sign if you support retaining open space recreation on this site and agree with the planning references made.


Keep an eye out for the yellow Flyer in your mail box and at many of the unique businesses in Peregian Beach Village. 

Submissions can be posted or emailed up until 30th August inclusive.

OBJECTION Submissions can be dropped into The Bent Banana Fruit & Veggie Grocer opposite the Peregian Beach Surf Club for hand deliver to the Sunshine Coast Council

A Submission in Objection to the proposed Shopping Centre Development in the Open Space Recreation zoned area of Peregian Beach -Template
Bowls Club Development Submission Templa
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Example of Detailed Submission - Objection to Proposed Development
Example of Detailed Submission- Gooches.
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SUNSHINE COAST COUNCIL - Information Forum Links
LINKS Information Forum Peregian Beach B
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Peregian Beach Traders Association - DA Submission
PBBAInc Submission to MCU 13 0092.pdf
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