The amended sign
The amended sign

I think you might be interested in developments this week in the battle over the old bowls club site at Peregian Beach.  

As you know, many locals see the DA as one of the biggest threats to the survival of the village atmosphere of Peregian in its history.


The Council has given the would-be developers a cuff around the ears for posting a misleading sign on the site, and they've forced a slightly extended public submission period to make up for it.


Early in the week Multi Span - through DFS Town planners - posted the public sign at the site, as they're required to, at the start of the public submission period.

Locals say they were incensed by the wording.  Local Urban Planner lecturer Bronwyn Buksh described the sign as "emotive and misleading". 


History shows the site was certainly not "abandoned" ... it is understood the club was shut down by the owners after charging an extraordinary rent of $17,000 a month to the old bowls club, and more recently  - forcing beach volleyball off the site as well, even though - as you have reported - the volleyball operators were very keen to continue as a venue for hundreds of local players.


They've now been forced by the council to take the sign down and re-post a new one because of the misleading information.     This will also lead to a re-starting of the public submissions period from this Monday, August 12th until the end of the month.


Cr Green is holding a Community Informtion Forum about the submission process tonight 6.30pm at the Community House.


The sign they had to change!
The sign they had to change!

The Council has advised the applicant that the wording did not meet the requirements for public notification and the application should be re-notified.

The fact is so many people have already seen this and been influenced by the first sign that had a lot of misleading terms such as abandoned & convenience.

It makes you think more transparency about the facts are needed to be conveyed to the public in the Development Approval documentation available to the public on the council website.

The current community demographic was not responsible for a voluntarily managed club's difficulties and therefore should not be penalised by losing access to what is the last remaining parcel of open space in Peregian. Over time the town and district's demographic has changed immensely, placing greater pressures on the need for recreation land.

The land is still required by the community and the Council as open space and recreation provision for a range of demonstrated community uses and therefore needs to be developed for that purpose. This can be demonstrated by the support of the community through the PB Sports and Recreation Club records and the previously documented attempts by a range of collective community groups (coordinated through the sports club) to use the current facility for such purposes - but the current freehold lease holder PRMBC did not respond to the proposals which would have seen the property used for its intended purpose under the appropriate zoning and provided ongoing income for the landholder. 

After a Community Local Economic Forum last year many of the local stakeholder groups including the Peregian Beach Traders sent letters to the Developer Multi span Australia to clearly state they were not in support of Commercial development on this land zoned for Sports & Recreation.

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