Vision on our Village

This Sunday's Session was a little different @ the Peregian Beach Surf Club.
Locals gathered around tables with board games that depicted an overall plan of our town. 
Functions of our town became playing pieces with realistic values we had to consider. 
As financial and ecological crises multiply and linger in our time, the harsh rules of economics in the game made us discuss workable alternatives for our town.
It was hard work but there was definitely a satisfying energy at the conclusion and discussion of each scenario game outcome -
a feeling that there are many well informed, creative & passionate locals who share a common set of values and a real sense of place both built & natural in Peregian Beach.

Unanimously all seven groups who played the wOnder city+ Landscape Scenario Game bought back the Bowls Club Site for "RECREATIONAL USE" having considered commercial development as being inappropriate on that site in the town's plan.

I have a feeling forty nine passionate people of Peregian Beach may be able to say that they participated in a community driven planning process that is part of the economic shift that is taking place World wide.

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In about three- four weeks the 'Vision on the Village' project workings & findings will be presented to our local community.