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This is road work machinery parked in Rufous street last year. No work has commenced on this site or the street as yet. The question is what lies ahead for this little street!
This is road work machinery parked in Rufous street last year. No work has commenced on this site or the street as yet. The question is what lies ahead for this little street!


Many people who love and/or live in Peregian Beach are asking what they can do to help retain the Recreation Precinct

from being considerable reduced in size and from becoming the traffic throughfare for another Shopping Centre Complex.


We, the Peregian Beach Sports & Recreation Club Committee have initiated the ‘Visions on the Village Project’, for the Community representatives/stakeholders of the whole town to be involved in, to hopefully stimulate ideas about development opportunities that reflect the values & character of the place.


The PBS&R Club came about in March 2011, after the PB bowls club wrapped up in mid 2010, in support of retention/rejuvenation of the recreation infrastructure at the Bowls Club in the heart of the Community Precinct. The owner of the property at this stage was Pine Rivers Memorial Bowls Club.

The Beach Volleyball courts were closed down in October 2012.


Time is limited, we cannot do everything and you might want to do something to be actively involved. Peregian would be every grateful if you organize yourselves to do this. We do have two platforms available to help you do this. You can use both:

www.inperegianbeach & fb Peregian Beach Village to connect with each other, say what you are doing and ask other people to join in.


Several suggestions for actions are raised in the community. Here a list, for you to pick what fits you best and get involved. 


The suggestion here is to allow the 'Vision on the Village' to be our proactive petition.

We know from experience that a petition by itself does very little. (Remember the huge petition by the Peregian Originals.)

If you do want to start a petition please go ahead – we will link it.



A) Stay aware of the ‘Vision on the Village’ project.

      Participate in the 'Vision on the Village' scenario games and or provide signatures of support for this community driven process. Keep connected to www.inperegianbeach

B) Be aware of the Council’s activation plan their long-term vision 2014 - 2029 for the Peregian Recreation and Community Precinct. Contact the Sunshine Coast Council Community Sports and Facility Planning Manager.


C) Become Creative.

   Any other Guerilla action you can imagine – go organize.


The next suggestion is to bring awareness to the existing community facilities on Rufous Street and consider how an entry to a Supermarket on this street would effect the peaceful nature of the lane-way and the existing community amenities.



Come walk down to Rufous Street on Saturday 27th July between 9 - 10am and unite as a community to show support for the recreation precinct.

The Peregian Beach Community Kindy is having a Market Day

that day 8am to 11am to raise money for their beautiful facilities. We will have a table set up there with information about the ‘Vision on the Village’ project also.

There is the opportunity to also become aware of the Tennis club facilities, the Community Garden (Veggie Village) and the open park area know as Di Hurst Oval where many exercise their dogs, play ball, and enjoy the quiet parkland space.

3.  OBJECTION to the Commercial Development Proposal.

The Applicant was advised by the council that the proposal presents a serious conflict with the Noosa Plan at the Pre-Lodgment Meeting. Also Multi Span were sent letters from many local Community Representatives stating they did not support ‘Commercial’ Development on this site.

Part of the Application Process is a compulsory Public Advertising and a period during which the community can submit objections. This period is not yet known as it depends on when & how Multi Span's Consultants address the request for information from the Sunshine Coast Council Development Planners.

I’ve attached a letter that the Council sent to the developer – it outlines the matters which remain outstanding: 


Planning Professionals in our community have volunteered to help with this process.



A) Be vigilant on when the Public Advertising period begins & finishes.

B) Be prepared and ready to make formal /properly made submissions to this Statutory process.

      Cr. Green will be running another Information Forum about 'properly made' submissions once the public advertising period has commenced.

C) The Council Decision Time. The period the council needs to decide over the application might fall together with the Christmas holidays and the start of the new Noosa council. There is still information about this process and the timing that needs clarification. Please help out here to get clarity about the scenarios of the different decisions.

D) The Appeal Process. In the unhopeful case the council would approve the development, the community might want to appeal the decision in court. Who would be representing the community if this went to the Environmental Land Court?

E) Lobby the State Member for Parliament (Glenn Elmes) and ensure he knows the possibility that this DA will go to Court.

4. AWARENESS Campaign to Lawn Bowler in Brisbane

PR campaign among Pine Rivers members to get their solidarity. To make them aware that their board is killing off another bowls club for their own profit. Bowls club communities should support each other, not eliminating them.


If anyone wants to start to organize this please go ahead.

The PBS&R Club has access to the documents of the former Peregian Beach Bowls Club. We will do our best to make this information publicly available.


We understand Pine Rivers has the property under contract for about $1.6million.

We understand both Council & Noosa Bowls Club have valued the land at between $600-$900,000.

The gap is approximately $700,000 – $1 million. If that money could be raised, maybe the property can be bought back. The supermarket development will be avoided, the land will be secured for community use and might be available to the community much faster.


Start a crowd fund to buy back the property.


This list is not exhaustive. Please feel free to add, act, connect, organize and strengthen our beautiful Peregian Beach.

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