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Our local community has been activated for sometime now by the pressing concern that the private ownership of the ‘Peregian Beach Bowls Club Site’ is jeopardizing the purpose of the land for open space community sports & recreation.


On Wednesday 5th of June - 12 representatives of the Community Stakeholders of the Peregian Beach Recreation Precinct got together to discuss the serious challenge to our Town Plan.


At our last meeting had asked each community group to identify how they could best utilize the ‘Old Bowls Club Site.

We have heard that Cr. Green has secured funding for a Community Activation Plan for this precinct.

The Developer Multi Span has finally lodged a Development Approval Application for a Supermarket & specialty shops on the property.

Cr Green & the Community Services Manager made time to attend this meeting and address the questions below.


1.What is a ‘Community Activation Plan’ and how can we as a collective, best utilize the funds and take ownership of the outcomes so they may be carried through with the new Council?

Is this the opportunity to demonstrate a recreational ‘purpose’ for the property so our council can further explore resuming / acquiring the property?
 2. What are the next steps in the IDAS process for assessing the development application for the Commercial Proposal?
(Two university studies, a local economic forum, a recreation forum, letters to the CEO, letters of support from community groups & traders, community stakeholder meetings, visionary concepts, & a business plan to attract the Noosa Bowls club to site.)?
Do we need to formally submit these to Council as part of the IDAS process?
 3.Can the SCRC councilors vote on a decision that will ultimately affect the residence of the New Noosa Council?
4. How much is the site worth to the unique & growing community?
Other than land value, has the council considered the costs associated with defending the town plan, the angst and disruption it will have to the existing commercial center of Peregian Beach?
Many residents are asking why we do we need another Supermarket in the area? 
As the President of the Traders Association put it…
“We are not against development in Peregian Beach, in fact we encourage it.
The Caravan Park site has Development Approval for a supermarket already and has a better flow through connection with the existing town center.
The Bowls Club property is not zoned for Commercial use.”

Councilor Green provided a very concise overview of the two
parallel council processes that will address the Bowls Club Site
over the next 5 to 6 months.
Community Forum - Next Thursday 27th June 2013
Information Forum Peregian Beach Bowls C
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The Peregian Bowls Club house open on July 11th 1970.

The club is in the process of wrapping up and after 43 years will be no more.

Stay connected - Peregian Beach Sports and Recreation Club

(Formerly the Bowls Club) is about to offer a Goodbye Gift to the 

Local Peregian Beach Community. 


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