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Talk of the Town is back.
As you may have read in the papers - there is a development approval application in at the Sunshine Coast Council for a Supermarket on the Peregian Beach Bowls Club Site.
Sadly 'no one' was sucessful in convincing the big glitzy city based Pine Rivers Memorial Bowls Club who acquired the Peregian Beach Bowls Club to open the sale of the property to buyers interested in developing the site for Recreation Purposes.

The Development Approval Application is currently being assessed

by the Sunshine Coast Town planning department. The process will be driven by response times of the applicant Multi Span Group.

There is still time for the application to be assessed (including

public advertising & formal submissions) and the recommendation

to be brought before the Sunshine Coast Council to vote on.


Can the Sunshine Coast Councilors vote on a decision that will

ultimately affect the residents of the New Noosa Council.

Yes they can. ……it is a Statutory process and Cr. Green has

clarified this with the Transition Manager of the De amalgamation



Looking ahead….what might happen.


The best case scenario is where the SCRC Councillors votes in

favour of supporting the Town planners recommendation and

reject the DA for a supermarket on this particular property & the

developer accepting the decision without appeal.


The owner of the property - Pine Rivers Memorial Bowls Club might then be encouraged to open up the sale of the property

to either Council & or Noosa Heads Bowls Club and provide the

opportunity for the ʻvacant siteʼ to be back in use as part of our

community infrastructure.

This could also alleviate the threat on the unique village character of Peregian Beach Square and positively stimulating the local

economy through the renovation & or rebuild of the recreational

facilities and investment in existing commercially zoned sites in &

around Peregian Beach Village.


The worst case scenario is an appeal once the decision has been

made by Council.

This would drain time & money out of our community and more

than likely leave the site abandon and unloved for a long period…

Déjà vu!


Councilor Green will be holding information forums in the Peregian Beach Community House about the process of the Planning Application and when & how members of the community can have their say.

Cr Green reinforced the only effective method of objecting or

supporting the supermarket development will be submitting a

properly filled out formal submission.


First Forum - 6pm 27th June 2013 - Peregian Beach Community House - rsvp - Catherine.Rees@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au


It should be noted that this image of the Proposed Supermarket Development is a misrepresentation of the proposed access to the development.
The access to the Supermarket on the Development Approval Application plans on the Council website are from Rufus Street via Woodland drive.

On Thursday 28th Feb 2013 at Council’s Ordinary Meeting there was an unanimous decision by all Councillors “NOT to SIGN the APPLICATION for CONSENT to use the Public Car park on David Low Way for access to the proposed Supermarket Development. 

The PBS&R Club Committee sent a letter to the Council CEO, Property manager & Townplanner prior to this Meeting to clarify the site was not 'Abandoned' as stated in the letter by the Developers Consultant.

This challenge to a key Peregian site is one of convenience over character and commercial dollars over sport and recreation.  Peregian Beach residents need to think about what is important for them and make coucil aware of their thoughts on the matter by filling in a formal submission.

Residents can also voice their opinion in the papers. Here is a recent letter to the editor sent in to the Noosa News from the Vice President of the Peregian Beach Tennis Club.

The In Peregian Beach website and Peregian Beach Village Facebook page were created as a placemaking project to value local community character and demonstrate the local economy is not necessarily improved with the introduction of large multinational or chain store tenants.

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