Those little connections

Over the past year there has a been some great connections made.

Many of these involve dedicated volunteers in our community.


The grass in the square is now lush green & cared for. 

The old chairs from Baked Poetry went to a good home down at Veggie Village.

The free Wi Fi access is set up in our town without all the fuss of council trials & grant applications. 

A huge effort went into Forum transcripts & University Study Reports about 'local economics & recreations needs', ready to assist with community grant applications.


There are so many stories to tell about the things that make up our local character.

The magic dog water bowls, the beach path photographer, the tribe of beach cleaners, the weed free dunes, the art project proposals, the unique local retailers, the parties they had here in the 1960's, the retired knowledge bank, the home grown musicians, the young brave new business enterprises.


I am dissappointed the Council & the Traders Association chose not to connect & support the development of this local knowledge directory.

It's understood they are spending $6.5K funding their own website 'branding' Peregian Beach.



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