Understanding our place

Well it's been a full year since I started this placemaking project-

In Peregian Beach.  www.inperegianbeach.com


A year back, I noticed when you typed in a name of a place on a search engine, what came up first was real estate pages of places to buy & rent followed by sites branding the town as part of tourist package. 


What was missing was local knowledge about the place.

'Stories about the community, the past & present people of the place.'


It's been an interesting time looking at what/who makes this place tick and exploring the unique values & aspirations of the local community as a whole, and trying to create an informative website about these.


It's said that it is the Placemakers’ role to encourage everyone to think about what’s special in their communities. 


Finding a way to connect to 'everyone' from a community is difficult.

Increasingly popular social media networks are making it easier and can perhap fill the void - the noticable lack of young people taking interest in community issues.


Many stories this year focused on the community groups and how they have addressed issues that will have significant effects on the social & economic fabric of the village.

(Caravan Park redevlopment/ Bowls Club Site /Peregian Originals)


Other stories encouraged visions & ideas for the place.

(Surf Club / Bowls Club/ Caravan Park Site)

There have also been attempts to bring attention to issues in the village with some fun & jest.

(Coloured Carparking /Ministry of Silly Walk days/ Lawn aeration dancing)

As a placemaker the best results are sometimes just making the right connections.

(Dennis & the Village Green, Ben & free Wi Fi)


Links to these stories will be in next week's blog.


What I still find elusive even after a year searching, is an image that best sums up Peregian Beach. 

That one view that is unique to the place.


Perhaps you have that photo/image and want to share it here.

Peregian Beach Village fb page


So many individuals, visitors and absentees have made contact & provided lots of support for this site of local knowledge.


I hope to continue to provide a place for all community & traders in the Peregian Beach to connect & share local knowledge.


I leave you with a link to a government website -Queensland Places which promotes....

"Peregian Beach is both a resort and a retirement town."


And the current Wikapedia summary of Peregian Beach



Thank you

Sharyn Kerrigan

Principle Architect

Beach House Architecture Pty Ltd







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Comments: 3
  • #1

    Maureen (Saturday, 17 November 2012 05:11)

    Congratulations on a magnificent undertaking.

    Lots of people enjoy reading your site and your blog..... and even build boxes to watch the eclipse!

    I'm glad you decided to continue with the site.

    Hmmmm....... I wonder what stories it will be telling by it's second birthday? ..... a new Council?.... a saved Bowls Club site?

  • #2

    Marian (Saturday, 17 November 2012 05:12)

    You do a great job. Thanks.

  • #3

    Mukti Grace (Saturday, 17 November 2012 14:04)

    Well done! it has been a pleasure to receive your gems in the inbox almost every day for a whole year now. Congrats on a job well done and I am looking forward to how this site develops over the next year.