Saving our Beach Volleyball

Jeff from The Sandpit in Peregian Beach is hoping to discuss & come to an arrangement with Pine Rivers Bowls Club to keep the Beach Volleyball venue up & functioning over the summer months. 


The owners of the sports & recreation zoned property in the community heart of Peregian Beach is Club Pine Rivers, a large sporting club in Brisbane.


It would be a kind gesture & healthy contribution to the local Peregian Beach community & local economy to allow the sports & recreation facilities to continue to be used until a buyer is found for the site.


Local schools group were still using the beach volleyball courts today and were unware that Jeff had been asked by Pine Rivers to close down.


The option to continue running the Wednesday night social competitions is something Jeff hopes the local community will get behind and support.


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You can show your support on Facebook and also read about the proposed vision being proposed for the site.



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