So...will it all be wasted?

The Sandpit Beach Volleyball in Peregian Beach has been closed down by owners of the Bowls Club- Pine Rivers Memorial Bowls Club.

Players were told this week that there would be no more social beach volleyball tournaments at the open space recreational facilities behind the Peregian Beach Community House.


Jeff who set up & runs the beach volleyball facility said he has been trying to ascertain from Pine Rivers what costs they would require for amenities such as electricity & water, to keep the place up running.


It is understood that Pine Rivers is planning to clear the site, even though any new plans for the site have yet to be submitted and approved for the property.


It seems a great shame to think the existing recreation facilities may be wasted and the site left empty and unused for some length of time.


The existing town plan and the new town plan both designate the property for Sports & Recreation.


We have contacted Councillor Green to see what he may be able to do.


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    Andrew Scudamore (Saturday, 27 October 2012 02:49)

    The community needs more Sport and Recreation opportunities - not less. Pine Rivers Bowls Club's inability to conduct consultation with Jeff Bampton suggests a level of spite. They are out of touch with this community and seemingly hell-bent on hocking off this asset. Pro-development does not necessarily = pro-community.

    Peregian Beach's greatest asset is its sense of community. With Peregian Originals, the caravan park and now The Sandpit falling foul of questionable decisions, the value of community hasn't proven to be

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    Andrew Scudamore (Saturday, 27 October 2012 02:55)

    a highly regarded commodity. When the sense of place is completely eroded, will "they" then realise how good it was?