What's happening?

It's time be vigilant and to look out for each & everyone of our neighbours as some people in our community stoop to theft and thuggery.


Last week the lovely crew up at atmail (the local business that arranged the free wifi for the village) were robbed and the thief had the audacity to write 'Sorry Mate' on their white board.


Also last week thieves were caught on camera breaking into our local Surf Club trying to get into the ATM.


To top off a terrible week in Peregian Beach, is the news that a group of 'local teenagers' smashed in a glass window at Baked Poetry and threatened Robert while he was baking.


It is an important time to be connected with our local community and to have people talking about what they see & know is going on in Peregian Beach.


If you come across Ben's 'Chilli' surf board or see anything suspicious around the place.

Contact: Coolum Police...5440 2777






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