Dog Outings

Council is collecting revenue from dog registrations fees this month.

Registration tags & micro-chipping are a regulated requirement but they do not give a good Samaritan the opportunity to just make one call and reunite a dog with it's owner. 

Dog owners can save a heap of time & money by including their phone number on their pet's collar. 


Obviously the domestic dog population is increasing with the growth in human population.

There are signs of pressure on our natural environment and our public areas already.

(These suspected dogs prints were found in the Noosa National Park just north of Peregian Beach this week.)


It's obvious on the Council "Dog Exercise Areas" map that places likes Peregian Springs and towns west of Peregian have not been identified with areas for exercising dogs.


You have to wonder, if more exercise areas were planned & provided in Peregian Springs, would local residents necessarily drive their dog to an leash free excercise area?

Could this type of future planning take a bit of the demand off the carparks around Peregian Beach Village and the Foreshore Park?  


The Council's feedback from their Community Survey on Peregian Beach Park does not appear to draw any correlation or connection here.


Councillor for the Peregian Springs and the Coolum area is Steve Robinson.


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    Alison Fisk (Thursday, 18 October 2012 22:51)

    Good points !!