Whale of a time

If you were lucky enough to be holidaying in Peregian Beach this week then whale spouts would have been a common sight along the coastline.

Today again they are everywhere frollicking quite close to the shore.


The giant humpbacks are on their trip back from the northern warm water breeding grounds heading south to the arctic feeding grounds.


I wonder if there is a Humpback whale out there in it early 20's telling other whales of the tale of when it was beached at Peregian Beach and saved by the love & care of the local people.

Saving Seaweed

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    Carmel (Friday, 28 September 2012 15:00)

    Gosh this brings back memories! Thanks Sharryn!
    I love the YouTube video and am going to show my Kindy kids next week.
    Very emotional...
    It shows what wonderful things can be achieved with community spirit and it's good
    (and timely!) to remind us all of this!
    You do such a wonderful job - thank you!
    Carmel, Peregian Kindy