Think Local First

If there was one place in the world that could so readily adopt the principles behind Michael Shuman’s Local Dollar’s Local Sense- How to shift your money from Wall Street to Main Street and achieve real prosperity, it is here on the Sunshine Coast.

Actually it’s here in Peregian Beach.

“Think Local First”

We have a town of small independent shops & businesses. We have identified non local business interest on land zoned for community recreation in our town. We held our first local economic forum recently. We have a recent University study about our Local Character. We have a regular unique cultural event in our public park that is being deemed too popular even though it is significant to our local economy & community well being. We are the gateway entrance to a world biosphere reserve. We have a wealth of Community groups and activators. We belong to a large regional council working on the old economic growth model.

We have the opportunity to be part of a smaller regional council with more connection to our local needs.


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