The hive of activity

The Peregian Beach Community House Working Bee shows the depth of commitment to keeping this place special.

The gathering place is looking well established in it's native garden setting on the corner of David Low Way & Woodland Drive.

To check out what is happening at the house..go to


The Committee is currently looking at ways at identifying where the Community House is located and what is on.

Send in your suggestions.


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    Susan Johnston (Thursday, 27 September 2012 19:39)

    for what's on, I just go to the website. I'd actually change the home page of the website to show what's happening right now and what's coming up. The current home page could be put to a 'about us' type page. I'd think it would also be nice to connect in with the community noticeboard in the square or maybe the other groups, so there is a total 'what's happening in peregian beach' across all the groups/assoc. That would be great.