Coastcare to the rescue

How cool is our coastal community!


Early beach walkers found this sick juvenile sea turtle washed up on Peregian Beach this morning.

Neighbours took it in turns to carry it up the beach and out of the sun.

A quick call to the lovely Coolum District Coastcare volunteers, and within half an hour it was on it's way to Underwater World for a professional examination. Fingers crossed it survives and gets well enough to be released back into the ocean.


It's sad to see so many turtles washing up on our beaches at the moment.

Could all those floating plastic bags and party balloons be the direct cause?

They probably do look like delicious jellyfish to a hungry turtle.


Click here for the Coolum Coastcare Volunteers contact numbers.

It might be handy to have a few keyed into your phone or pinned to the fridge for reporting local marine wildlife events.






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