Speaking Local

These are exciting times on the Sunshine Coast.

We have two world leaders from the Post Carbon Institute visiting and speaking locally at 'the big pineapple' this month.

Firstly, Richard Heinberg speaking on 'The End of Growth' and in two weeks time, Michael Shuman on Local Living Economies.

Richard Heinberg explains the close link between the resource/environment and the social/economic components of the present disintegration. As a journalist with a keen understanding of science and maths he does it better, more comprehensively and more clearly than most others. While the conventional wisdom is that we must get ‘the economy’ growing again, Heinberg shows that not only is this the wrong strategy, it is actually making the situation worse and more intractable.


"Our current global economic system has to grow in order to remain healthy — that's simply the way it is designed. But unending growth is not compatible with a finite planet, and even growth in the "knowledge" and "service" economies involves the use of non-renewable resources. Institutionalized perpetual growth together with an exponentially-growing global population is a recipe for disaster.

Fortunately, there are ways to reform our economic system peacefully if there is enough political will. Political goals can be changed to prioritize social well-being instead of the sheer growth of economic activity. Governments can stop allowing the negative consequences ("externalities") of economic activities to be separated from prices and borne by the public at large. With such "economics as if people mattered," basic economic activities become more localized, bringing better local jobs and more socially and environmentally responsible business practices."

Reference fromhttp://www.postcarbon.org/issue/12881-economics


Michael Shuman will talk about localization, with a lot of detailed, on the ground advice & numerous innovative approaches for getting money back into local communities.


If you can't make it to these and missed our own local forums of Local Economics and Social Well Being - check out these links.

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