Recreational Wish List

It is great to see the Peregian Beach Bowls Club site being used by multiple sporting clubs and local school groups.

The Coolum District Netball end of year celebrations were on this weekend making great use of the Beach Volleyball facilities on the property.


But what of the future?

Who is planning for our local future recreational needs?

Raeleen Kaesehagen brought this point up in last weekend's public forum at the Community House. (Click here for link)


Did the Sunshine Coast Open Space Strategy 2011 take for granted the Bowls Club site had a fully functioning Bowling Green and Beach Volleyball Courts for community use?


As the land is freehold, we are relying on the owner of this land to provide recreational space for our community.


The 'Wish List' above is the top dozen recreational activities local's at the public Forum indicated as their preference for the site that is zoned for Open Space Recreation.



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