Local Recreational Forum

Interesting result!

When 40 local residents found the time to address the question

' What are the future recreational needs of our local community', the most popular answers happened to be recreational facilities that already exist on the site adjoining the Peregian Beach Community House:-

 A Lawn Bowls Club & Beach Volleyball Courts!

The surprise inclusion in the top three requests was a ' swimming Pool'.

One of the first recreational facilities to be provided in Peregian when it was developed, was a swimming pool in the middle of the square!


The Peregian Sports and Recreation Club already exists.

It just does not have a place to create facilities that enhance our community's wellbeing yet.

Below are the results produced by the local community who attended the forum.


Attached is the transcript of the forum including information provided by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to the questions about strategic planning.

This includes clarification by Council about predicted growth:

The 60% growth at Peregian Beach quoted in the information sheet appears to be for the 15 to 24 year old demographic, which while a consideration for the types of infrastructure that may be included in our parks, the figure is much higher than the official estimated overall growth for Peregian Beach which is estimated to be approximately 10% by 2031.  


Peregian Originals Organiser Anita Sweeney also addressed the forum and clarified many of the discrepancies about the regular community events held in Peregian Park and the economic and social connection to this place.


Ticks = future recreational needs
Ticks = future recreational needs

Each community member was given three stars to identify the top three recreational facilities preferred on the Bowls Club Site.

(Circled number)

What are our future recreational needs
Transcript of Public Forum held 1.09.12
at Peregian Beach community House
Adobe Acrobat Document 139.5 KB

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