Veggie Village plans their future

Veggie Village is expanding into Di Hurst Oval.

Although there is no public masterplan for the recreational areas of Peregian Beach yet, the Council has approved an additional semi circle of land for the Community Garden to expand into.

The Veggie Village Core commitee conducted a lovely informal debrief meeting recently with the original founders of the Peregian Beach Veggie Village to learn what worked, what didn't and what could be done differently in the initial planning stage.

They now intend to have further planning workshop(s) with members to come up with a clearer vision of what we want to create for the Veggie Village of the future.

Veggie Village Members were sent out an online survey this week to seek 'Views from the Village'. Click here to link to the VV website. They are encouraging new members to join.


A Veggie Village membership would make a great father's day present.

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