Local Community Forum

This is a forum for the locals to have a say...


What are the future recreational needs of our local community and can they enhance our
local economy and social wealth?

What are the MENTAL, EMOTIONAL & PHYSICAL recreational needs of all ages in our community.

Who is planning for our local recreational needs?
- Councillors?
- Town Planners?
- Open Space Strategic Planners?
- Private Enterprise?
- Community Groups?

With 60% increase in population by 2020, will there be any increase in open space recreational areas in our local area?

Where will development infrastructure levies be spent?
How much did the local caravan park site development contribute and what are these levies allocated to?

Is it too late to make compulsory acquisition of the Bowling Club Land?

These are the questions we have sent to our local Councillor Russell Green, CEO John Knaggs, Council Town Plan Kerri Coyle, Development Officer - Community Sports & Facility Planning, Wendy Guthrie & Nathan Walker-Edwards and Open Space & Heritage Strategic Planner Glen Fenson, today with an invitation to attend another local community forum in Peregian Beach.

The Forum facilitator is Raeleen Kaesehagen who conducted the Local Economic Forum at the Surf Club in July. (Transcript attached)

We have also invited all the other Councillors of the SCRC, following their decision at the most recent Council Ordinary Meeting to reduce the social use of our primary local open space recreational space- Peregian Beach Park, that has significant contribution to our towns character and local economy.

We hope getting together as a community at this forum , we may be able to support each other and share a wealth of knowledge and energy and desire to achieve a better balance in our world. 
We are also creating the opportunity for Council to supply the results of the Council's Community Survey for Peregian Beach Park to the community.

It's the extra ordinary efforts that can make the difference.
Come support our community's future.

Peregian Beach is a magical place with great social & environmental wealth and it is no accident that the regular friendly/creative gatherings are an iconic part of our culture.

It is important to continue to nurture and model such wonderful recreatonal places that contribute to our town's character & economy aswell as the mental, emotional, and physcial wellbeing of our local community.

Local Economic Forum - July 18th 2012
Facilitated by Raeleen Kaesehagen at the PB Surf Club
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