Music is part of this place

There is a real vibe around Peregian Beach at the moment.

A feeling of being proud to be part of this community.


The youtube clip linked here is an oldie but a goodie, capturing what it is that so many locals, visitors, businesses & families are trying to save from being forced to change by our own Council.


...the Originals are part of our unique character and identity.


Many people are putting a great deal of energy into demonstrating to Council the reasons to keep this component of our local culture.

Here is another example.

  Attached is a report looking at Item 7.4.2 in the SCRC's ORDINARY MEETING AGENDA for this Thursday (23rd Aug 2012)

While showing basic errors and items overlooked in 7.4.2, this reports purpose is to showcase an alternative solution and opportunity for the Sunshine Coast Council.


In response to SCRC ORDINARY MEETING AGENDA Item 7.4.2
About the Peregian Originals in Peregian Beach Park
Adobe Acrobat Document 370.5 KB

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    inperegianbeach (Monday, 20 August 2012 19:11)

    A glitch with the pdf attachment - all fixed now.