Peaceful protest

WOW...over 2000 people have signed the 'CommunityRun' petition requesting the Sunshine Coast Councillors to allow the full 24 Peregian Originals concerts per year ( weather permitting) to continue at Peregian Beach Park.


The petition identifies the following:


The recommendation to reduce Peregian Originals to a maximum of 12 concerts per year (weather permitting) will lead to the destruction of event.


The proposal has been developed without consultation with event organisers and disregards the wishes of a vast majority.


Peregian Originals is a major feature of Peregian Beach's cultural identity and contributes significantly to the area's economy.


In addition to destroying a nationally recognised 'whole community' cultural event with a 12-year history the loss of Peregian Originals will adversely affect Peregian Beach as a whole, resulting in the probable demise of the Peregian Beach Surf Club and local job losses.


Today is the third Sunday of the month and the Surf Club will be a buzz with the regular morning market & afternoon music event in Peregian Beach Park.

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