The Grass is greener

A huge thanks to the great organisational skills of the Peregian Lions Club who have rallied the Council into providing some over due maintenance on the Village Square in time for their big Fashion Fiesta event in September.

This popular green place was actually the first Topic of "Talk of the Town " back in Nov 2011!


Cr. Green sent out a welcomed email earlier this week:

Council's Parks operational teams and subcontractors will commence works in Peregian square this week to improve the landscaped areas prior to the fashion event in September.

The scope of works will include trimming of trees by Arboricultural Services, mulching of garden beds by Parks & Gardens staff and renovation of the grassed areas including, coring & aerating the compacted soil, re-levelling, fertilising, laying of new Buffalo grass and topping of decomposed granite around the stage by subcontractors.


The grassed square is a much loved shady public place on a hot summer day and the center of the most beautiful shopping village on the Sunshine Coast.

Regular maintenance may be a big ask of our Council's tight budget these days but there is hope the Lions Club & Traders can co ordinate the fairy sprinklers!


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