The Judging Panel

For those who are wondering who other than our elected Councillor, Russell Green, will determine the fate of our town's regular Peregian Originals events held in the Foreshore Park in front of the Surf's our community representatives....The Mayor and Councillors of the Sunshine Coast Council.  

Let's hope these leaders of our greater community recognise that with good strategic planning, open communication and design, this extremely popular recreational event can continue to provide great social wealth and stimulus to our local economy in Peregian Beach.


Let's hope they find the time to all put down those reports and come and experience the social hot spot on the coast for themselves.

'Bring the family and hop on the 620 bus heading north this Sunday.

Make a day of it and come a little earlier to see the Peregian Beach Markets held at the same place with the same demands and needs as the afternoon music event.


We received an emailed letter back from Council's Community Land Permits Project Support Officer yesterday in relation to the open letter & 60 signatures sent to the Mayor & Councillors about the Peregian Originals contribution to our local economy & character. Please find attached.


There has been some interesting contributions to the Peregian Original Facebook page in the past 24 hours- click here to connect.



Reply from the Appropriate Operational Area
Community Land Permits Project Manager
Reply from Councillors about Peregian Or
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    Raeleen Kaesehagen (Monday, 13 August 2012 20:56)

    Regarding point (e) of the letter from Community Land Permits Project Manager, that states: (e) request the Chief Executive Officer to organise an information forum between Council and local residents who are continually lodging complaints concerning the ongoing twice monthly events for Council to better understand their concerns.

    Shouldn't this meeting also include the Peregian Originals organisers, so they too can understand the concerns. Without all parties involved it is like having a mediation session to resolve a dispute and you forget to invite the party they are disputing with. Kind of pointless it would seem.

    So I hope the Chief Executive Officer sees this oversight and invites the Peregian Originals organisers to the meeting in point (e).

    This would also give an opportunity for all parties to hear all sides. Something that can often be very enlightning.

    Many things can be avoided if there is more open communication with all parties, and everyone knows what is going on.

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    Mark Waite (Tuesday, 14 August 2012 02:38)

    That letter is exactly the same form letter that I also received yesterday from Nikki Clements at the council. I subsequently wrote a response to this letter asking why only the "complainants" were being heard and why the invitation to a forum was not also open to all interested local residents and businesses. I also asked why the economic impact of the concerts on the local businesses has not been considered. I am still awaiting a reply.

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    Ali (Tuesday, 14 August 2012 05:37)

    The same letter I received back from the council - after I emailed them admonishing them of very possibly undermining 10+ years of economic brand-building' of local business BECAUSE of the Peregian Originals being present each fortnight.

    As someone who is aware of business dynamics I told them how HARD it is to build VISIBILITY to customers in these difficult economic times especially.

    Not to press the point too strongly, I let them know that if they pulled the pin on even one of the PO events each week - it was nearly criminal in my view.
    Undermining carefully developed customer bases over many years is untenable - and that they risked sending our precious local Surf Club into serious financial strife, possibly lowering current services they provide.