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There are at least 7100 good reasons the Sunshine Coast Council needs to demonstrate the amalgamated Council can nurture and support the unique local character, values and economy of the many communities in the region.


The large Council's handling of the future planning of the Peregian Beach Foreshore Park and popular Peregian Original regular music events is certainly causing some concern in the local community.


Best tap into to hear from the event organisers and supporters.


Where is the community consulation? What is the strategic plan for the recreational needs of the Peregian Beach Community?


The Open Community Forum at the Surf Club was organised by just two of us (members of the local community), to try and demonstrate the need to connect the stakeholder and encourage open communication in our community about issues that effect our local economy and social wealth. 

It was a great impromptu get together and there has been many requests to hold another.


We received no acknowledgement of an email addressed to the Mayor, Local Cr. Green, Cr. McKay & Cr. Thompson which included the letter read out & sent (25.08.12)from the Peregian Beach Local Economic Forum held at the Surf Club three weeks ago!
No acknowledgment at all, even though it included 60 local's signatures and was addressing the LOCAL ECONOMY and SOCIAL NEEDS of our community.

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    Ms Maree E Robertson (Sunday, 12 August 2012 23:35)


    I support Peregian Originals continuing as a twice-monthly event in Peregian Beach Park. Peregian Originals provides safe, family-friendly entertainment for all members of our community as well as visitors and tourists. It brings people into the area and increases trade for many Peregian Beach businesses on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month.

    The current proposal to be discussed in council on 23rd August, to reduce Peregian Originals to a maximum of 12 a year, will undoubtedly lead to the end of the event, and have a significantly negative flow-on effect on the entire Peregian Beach economy & c ommunity.

    I live in Brisbane, but have attended PI concerts many times, in fact, it is the major reason I visit Peregian, often with friends & family, and we always coordinate at least one visit to the event, when we (regularly) holiday on the Sunshine Coast, where we have a beach house. This would not be possible if there was only one concert a month to choose from.

    I estimate each time we visit we spend approximately $200 per couple in the local area, at the supermarket, in the local surf club & cafes, & on goods we purchase from the local shops (including clothes, newsagent etc). I know I am one of thousands of SE QLD residents who do the same, & it will undoubtedly have a significant negative impact on the overall income of the area, which seems absurd in this economic climate.

    I understand there are individual people who prefer a more insular life, but respectfully, they have chosen a very public, tourist destination, which surely is best utilised as a family-friendly social & cultural landmark.

    If you reduce the PI series to once a month, it will make it impossible to continue, the artists are usually touring from interstate as well as local, & cannot be rebooked for 2 weeks later if there is a rain-out. & there are already many more acts wanting to play than can be accommodated, let alone the numbers of people who attend as audience. How can it make sense to squeeze all of that into one weekend a month, which due to rain will likely be cut back to less than that, unless you have plans to use the space for some other (more commercial) enterprise? If so, you will be exposed for making a short-sighted & greedy decision, & I am sure you will notice this displeasure from the community, at the next election.

    It’s not too late to change your minds, & amend the proposal as it stands, to allow 2 weekends per month, (1st & 3rd), & watch to see how many people support your decision. It may seems as though this event is organised by a small group of people, but it has worldwide support, which hopefully you will be hearing about more, in the next 2 weeks!

    Yours Respectfully,
    Ms Maree E Robertson

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    Cheryl (Saturday, 29 September 2012 00:28)

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