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Council is going to make a decision on whether they will allow the unique and very popular open air free music concerts in the Peregian Beach foreshore park, that supports the local surf club, to continue as they are.

The Councillors of the Sunshine Coast Council will vote on this decision in the near future.

No easy decision for Peregian Originals 

There is mention of more community consultation to take place.


Below is a letter of invitation to attend a Peregian Original Concert sent by Anita Sweeney on th 29th June 2012 before she received the official resolution of the June meeting, which clarified that 'the vote' will take place in August.

During her recent presentation of the events long term plans at the Council's ordinary meeting on the 26th July, she issued the invitation again, with specific mention of the next two events before the vote is scheduled.



To The Mayor and all Councillors, and Community Services staff

Sunshine Coast Regional Council.


East Coast Originals would like to thank Council for yesterday acknowledging key successes of Peregian Originals and providing time for all sides to engage more fully in debate on the future of our event. We view this as a positive step.

  • How the event physically uses the park and its surrounds in practice
  • The behaviour of patrons
  • The strategies we have in place
  • Where certain problems lie for us as organisers
  • The interaction with and impact of the event upon the Peregian Beach Surf Club
  • The vibrancy of the Peregian Beach village square on these Sundays
  • Traffic and parking impact 

We would welcome the opportunity for you to see the event in action and not just from a theoretical viewpoint.

During any concert, I personally will be available to assist you and answer any questions. You are also encouraged to approach any member of our team for further insight into specific areas of operation. I am confident our patrons and neighbouring businesses would welcome such attendance and interest.

We sincerely hope you join us.


Anita Sweeney

President, East Coast Originals management committee



Hopepfully all the Councillors will come up and experience the event for themselves and understand it's popularity is highlighting there is a real need to nurture this type of regular casual outdoor recreational event in our public park with the aim to improve the social & economical diversity/wealth/character of our town.


The East Coast Originals have been contacted by a community in regional WA just recently asking them for assistance to start something similar in their town.


Another letter of support for the Peregian Originals is attached

From Traditional Custodian (Kabi Kabi woman), Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards Young Citizen of the Year 2010 and current Australian Action Partner working globally for social justice and equality – Bianca Bond.


Letter of the Month
Letter about the value of the Peregian O
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    Raeleen Kaesehagen (Sunday, 05 August 2012 23:03)

    Congratulations to Anita on pro-actively inviting to an originals event the councillors and all those concerned with making the decision about the originals future.

    To really understand something one has to experience it. So lets hope before making a decision on the matter that the councillors take up Anita's (and the communities) invitation and come to the next event on August 19.

    I'd add to the invitation that the councillors can bring the whole family, so they can all soak up the Peregian goodness, and spend a wonderful Sunday together.