Free Community Wi Fi

Peregian Beach is home to the head office of Atmail, a next-generation email platform. With the best Internet connection in the area and a skilled IT staff, Atmail knew there was an opportunity to share their connection with customers of local businesses creating free community WiFi in and around the town.


Last week they increased the signal range around the village with a new node over in the community recreation precinct which should provide coverage to the Tennis Courts & Club House, Veggie Village Community Garden and the Volleyball courts.


The need for the Peregian Food co op  to connect to their online local farmers- fresh fruit & veg order system stimulated this connection.

A big thanks to Josh Green for following this through.


Peregian Beach Free Wi Fi is an exciting community model independent of Council funding.

Ben at @mail has volunteered his time to set up the system and is working with the popular food outlets in town to share the internet provider costs.


Actually, what they have done is being recognised around the world.

Check out


We may not be connected to the National Broadband Network for another eight years but the town has high speed community connectivity!

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    Atmail (Thursday, 09 August 2012 00:28)

    Thank you for the story. Just wanted to add that Zacheries (in addition to Wahoo and Raw NRG) was also recently added, but we'd love for a business to host an access point on the southern side of the village square. We will be talking to the SLSC soon about adding one there to cover the park (give something extra to Originals).

    We hope everyone continues to enjoy the free WiFi - we do!

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    Kim Lahey (Tuesday, 21 October 2014 21:16)

    Great innovative community-thinking! I will let our Peregian Tennis Club members and supporters know the WiFi now covers our Rufous Street precinct. Thanks Atmail!

  • #3 (Sunday, 15 February 2015 23:52)

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