The stolen community

The local communities that make up the Noosa Region were never asked if they wanted to amalgamate with two larger shires south of them.

It was forced upon them.


Right now there is the opportunity to open up the process to have your say.

If more than 7000 residents of the old Noosa Shire sign the cards of support (orange petition cards), then the facts & costs associated with becoming a smaller independent council again will be compiled and presented to us to consider.


If the petition gets less than 7000 signatures on the registered cards, well, it will stay the same as its now with the northern region being represented by only two councillors.

Above is a short clip from the Taylor Family who live in Peregian Beach.

They urge everyone who hasn't filled in a card & mailed it yet, to head down to the Peregian Beach Market Stall this Sunday or collect a card at the front decks at the Surf Club.


We can have a say about our future

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