Proactive approach to protecting the plan

Many professionals in our Council and Community have spent alot of time collecting data to formulate our Town Plan. 


Respect of our Town Plan is something many in our local community have had to fight for over the years.


This has cost both developers and the Councils representing our local community a great deal of time, energy and money.

These costs are a drain on the outcome of the development as well as on public funds.


The Sustainable Planning Act 2009 provides that Council may only approve an application where there are sufficient grounds in the public interest to justify the conflict with the planning scheme,” 


Today, here in Peregian Beach, we send a polite open letter to the potential new owner of the Peregian Bowling Club site to inform them of our 'local knowledge' and commitment to preserve our open space/recreational zone.

It has been signed by many of the local business owners, community group leaders and local residents.


This is a proactive approach to try to provide the potential owner with an understanding of the local economics and future demand for open recreational space in our community.

We realise that a developer not living or involved with Peregian may find it difficult to gauge the local community's needs and for them to fully appreciate the unique quality of our local economy.


This is one of the action items from the Local Economy Forum held at the Peregian Beach Surf Club Wednesday the 18th July 2012.

A copy of forum's transcript can be founded below.





Open Letter from the Peregian Beach Community
Sent with 50 signatures and Background information about the area
to Multi Span Australia 1.08.12
Open Letter from Peregian Beach Communit
Adobe Acrobat Document 418.0 KB
Support information about Peregian Beach
Adobe Acrobat Document 484.3 KB
Peregian Beach Local Economic Forum Transcript
By Raeleen Kaesehagen
Adobe Acrobat Document 163.2 KB

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