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Welcome to the adventures of Sedi

Our new weekly blog about the story of a slippery character connecting the children of the Community Kindy with their local environment.

By Local Wordsmith Amie Moffat

Hello children, my name is Sedi and late last night when you were all sleeping I slithered over here from the community garden. Who knows where the community garden is? I had a lovely home in plot six under a nasturtium plant, the yellow and orange flowers help me to camouflage myself. I could hear you all playing, laughing and exploring. I felt so excited, I just love the sound of happy children it makes my tongue poke in and out really fast, and my heart beat quickly. Do you ever get so excited that happens to you?

I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer so I left plot six and slid over here along the little bridge, through the car park, under the gate, and up the concrete path to the front door.I slithered up the bricks which tickled my tummy and peered in. My tongue hit the glass door because it was poking in and out very quickly. No one was here so I decided to write this note for you.

As you are all so wonderful to be around I have decided to make the kindergarten my home. It would be super if you could find a spot for me to live. I will need somewhere shady and where I can hide. I would also like to be close to the building so I can hear you play.

Splendifouressness to you


P.S. It would be superb if you could make some decorations for my new home. Something that hangs and is made from leaves sticks and things from nature. I can’t wait to find out where you have chosen for me to live.

P.S.S. My favourite thing to do is to slither.


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