A Club is Born

Forty two years ago today, on the 11th day of July 1970, the Peregian Beach Bowls Club was declared Offically Open. It's inception had been in 1963 on a special lease of land that the T.M.Burke company had obtained for the purpose of the project.


'Perhaps nothing else has contributed more to the unifying of social life of Peregian Beach over the years than the Peregian Beach Bowls Club'

This is the opening passage in Chapter 10 of Peter Sharpe's book about the development of the northern beaches of the Sunshine Coast.  

"Up Rose an Emu" has a very detail account of the local community's efforts to get the recreational facility up & running back in the 60's.

Peter also made a film, 'A Club is Born,' about the tasks many of the members undertook to establish the Bowling facilities & Social club.


Today the club house sits locked up and the visions to get it back up and running as a community asset may need the new owners of the property to be made aware the site comes with community obligation and a healthy respect for the current town plan.










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    Tracey (Tuesday, 10 July 2012 21:40)

    The community has always been strong in Peregian. How the original community members banded together to create the bowls club and kindergarten started a SPIRIT of Peregian that has kept to this day, and has seen more community groups such as veggie village and peregian originals thrive and prosper. By having a strong community it has kept peregian unique. And uniqueness is what makes it special for both locals and tourists. Without this uniqueness, peregian is just another town, homogenised by corporate templates and multi-national agendas.

    The key point in this special 42nd birthday occasion is to look at the fact that the residents are not opposed to development – in fact, if you look at the village precinct of where it has come to where it is now, we welcome it – but it must be in accordance with the town plan, the community vision, and sustainability planning. This special space can definitely move forward in the way it delivers recreation to the community, as long as it remains open space and addresses the current and future recreation needs of our town.

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