The elephant in the park

We have until next Friday (July13th) to contribute to the community feedback that will be critical for the future planning of Peregian Beach Park.

You can pick up a survey at many of the shops in Peregian Village.


The survey does not directly address the significant events in the park that generate huge social and economic benefits to the local community.

To address the Surf Club, The Markets and the Peregian Originals head to question 13. OTHER COMMENTS.


Councillor Green mentions in a Sunshine Coast Council article last week that 'Peregian Beach Park is not adequately equipped or sized to faciliate a concert of this size, scope and frequency.'

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Are we avoiding the real issues here?

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For more about the Peregian Original issue - refer 'Have your say'

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    Peter (Friday, 06 July 2012 18:38)

    The talk of the town is there are about 5 locals that live near the foreshore park who will not tolerate the crowds and noise that come with the Peregian Original events. They believe as neighbouring residential property owners they should be able to restrict the level of activity in the local park. This is the real issue.

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    Sharyn Kerrigan (Friday, 06 July 2012 19:36)

    The Community Survey requests cookie cutter answers which makes me fear we will get homogenised outcomes and very little unique design solutions that reflect the way our community values the place more as a social connector/ gathering place than just a local park.
    My Other Comments are:
    The surf club building is intrinsic to the functioning of the park. It is foolish not to be discussing the future plans for the club with the community and opening up opportunities for shared facilities. Same is to be said of the proposed new viewing platform which I understand is already designed and yet not being disclosed to the public until all major stakeholders of the park have seen it??? A platform& power outlet to house the originals and surf club market breakfasts may be more useful to the place and how the park is used.
    I wish to put forward the idea to rain protect one the main playgrounds for wet weather use.(we have very few places to entertain kids when it rains. A simple skillion raised to the north would allow in the winter sun. A fun/sustainable solution for this would be to make the roof out of all the surplus signs around the place!
    Location of sign and placement of the bins could be improved to avoid destroying beautiful vista connecting the park to the beach & the village.
    Drainage- The two major concrete paths put in 6 years ago contribute to ponding in the park. Let the 'Art' be finding the strategies to nurture the Peregian Originals and it's social & economic benefit to the local community. Again it is foolish that the park and it's future uses are not being considered (master planned) with the other recreational open spaces in Peregian. The future demand on this park is directly related to what other dog walking, playground, sporting, social gathering, resource sharing, community well being facilities we have in our local area. Where's the planning????