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This Thursday the Council will hold an Ordinary Meeting which recommends the Peregian Original Concerts be halved to once a month. Nothing is mentioned about the Markets.

Item 7.2 of the agenda provides a clear summary of the issues.


It's strange that this does not form part of the current Community Consultation Survey? 


Yesterday another survey took place in Peregian Beach.


  Monday morning Anita Sweeney and Raffle Queen Mary took to the businesses of Peregian Beach speaking with owners, managers and employees and collecting letters supporting their wish to continue with our twice-monthly concerts. Anita advised that support is what they received, even from businesses who do not directly benefit on the day. No one refused a letter of support. Some businesses told us their takings on Originals Sundays is as much as 5 times greater than other days. Some employees stated their hours would be cut and jobs affected. All could give reasons why Peregian Originals is good for the area. They will deliver these letters to Council on Wednesday afternoon. 


An open letter has just been sent to the Mayor & Councillors by Anita Sweeney (Original Management Committee) and Jay Bishop.



To ensure your view is expressed within the council feedback process, be sure to fill in the community survey, & utilise the 'Other Comments' section. 

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    Scott (Monday, 25 June 2012 18:36)

    The originals are a significant contribution to what makes peregian special. The financial, community and social benefits of this event are amazing. The council agenda talks no where about how this event brings a community together, provides FREE entertainment for families and children of all ages (something very difficult to find these days), is a tourist icon (travel magazines and blogs everywhere mention the originals and the tourist numbers over the weekend when originals is on is much higher), and the significant increase in trade to the local businesses (some as high as five times as much). Essentially, the originals puts peregian on the map.

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    Kel (Monday, 25 June 2012 18:47)

    Please don't let the Peregian Originals be slowly pushed out.
    We visit Peregian Beach each year (from Victoria) and always look forward to having a "Market & Originals" day

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    Dave (Monday, 25 June 2012 21:41)

    Don't bother trying to get to the square every 2nd Sunday I go else where to spend my money. The originals are on and the place is a mad house. I can see why the people that live near by tried to get
    it moved. As good as it is, it's way to big for that park now.

  • #4

    Ray (Monday, 25 June 2012 21:48)

    After reading that agenda you linked to on your blog, all I can say is , wow.

    Like you said, where was all this on the survey.

  • #5

    Trina (Monday, 25 June 2012 22:04)

    I hear they want to spend our money on re turfing the park and make a viewing platform so yuppies from the city don't get sand in their shoes.
    Just ridiculous. The energy the markets and the music give the park is so enlivening with a healthy mix of every age group. Don't you want the opportunity to have teenagers appreciate live music in their own family environment on a regular basis?

  • #6

    Sahara Beck (Tuesday, 26 June 2012 06:45)

    I can't believe that the council wants to mess with this event again. Us Becks have been supporting this event since day 1. Baked Poetry was the original sponser for this amazing event when it was still in the town square! Peregian Originals is an occasion where everyone comes together and listens to beautiful music. I couldn't imagine Peregian without it! Every artist who gets invited to come play always feels blessed to have such a loving audience listenning to them.

    This special feeling that the peregian originals provides has brought huge fame upon itself, not only in Australia but also over seas. This is why I hope the Council will bud out once and for all! Thank you Jay Bishoff for creating and maintaining this event for so long, and everyone who works so hard behind the scenes and continues to believe in the Peregian Originals!

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    louise starr (Tuesday, 26 June 2012 15:43)

    Please, please, please keep the Peregian Originals running every second weekend. The creativity expressed during this event is amazing not just the brilliant artists but the people who support this event.
    The Noosa area needs this event to bring the community together and let people experience something completely unique for the Sunshine Coast as a whole.
    The markets and the Peregian Originals generate income, creativity and event to look forward to. Creativity breeds ideas, creates income for the area and most definately put Peregian on the map. Noosa needs a regular live music event and This is It!!!!!!!

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    Mukti (Tuesday, 26 June 2012 17:09)

    Yes why wasn't the Origanals included in the park survey? Seems logical to me!!

    Seems a bit back door to suddenly announce this without our consultation as it is an important twice monthly event. Surely us locals could be asked? Hey we vote and pay for the council and need to remember we are not a commodity, we are people with real community needs and this is a unique event that brings community together.

  • #9

    Nilong Buchanan (Tuesday, 26 June 2012 18:35)

    Please keep this precious community event going twice a month!

  • #10

    Susan (Tuesday, 26 June 2012 18:36)

    Looking at the proposed counillor portfolio in the paper today I can see why our council is so out of touch with what the community wants. No where in the propsed portfolio are the words 'arts', 'recreation' or 'culture'. Even 'sport' is not mentioned and 'community' is listed under corporate planning.

    So, if this must be looked at the Originals from the eyes of the current council in it's economic and developer driven world, I suggest to Council that you do a new 'economic' assessment on the originals before making your decision. A study, that shows just how much money this event delivers to Sunshine Coast and the effect it will have on businesses if this event is moved to just once a month or cancelled.

  • #11

    Rowan (Wednesday, 27 June 2012 00:40)

    From my quick read of the agenda the council makes $40,000 a year from Originals and gives $30,000 back. So that's still a tidy profit. This does not seem to be about money, it's more about complaints from locals (of which I am now one - and for the record fully support Originals as it is) and the sustained use of the parks grass/environment.

    I think all this "save Originals", "I've come forever, don't let it go" hype will be easily ignored by council as it's not an issue: Originals is not stopping [it's just possibly changing].

    I think the core issue is parking, which is a catch 22. If Originals patrons parked legally & conveniently out of the village centre and walked, the "locals" would be happy as they have somewhere to park, but the council wouldn't as the revenue from parking fines would decrease.

  • #12

    Robert Beck (Friday, 29 June 2012 00:05)

    I often wonder what it is and why the council would like to reduce and in hinsight eventually do away with the Peregian original event???.
    Why ask the community how to improve the Park if the event of the Peregian origianals is not to be mentionend by us cummunity member.
    Surely Mr Green you dont expect us locals to suggest any changes

  • #13

    Robert Beck (Friday, 29 June 2012 00:38)

    as far as the Park is concerned , whilst we have no real say in it anyway.
    Of course we want to have a say regarding the Park and a rejuvenation program as well as what is happening in the Park and the Peregian Beach Originals is very high on the community's interest
    and surely the community should have a big say in it. As per usual the community is kept in the dark of discisions like that, like so many other issues regarding development with it's vultures waiting at the doorstep of Peregian Beach to get their hands on this beautiful Beachside town in order to turn this beautiful place into another Suburbian sprawl. As local people are attending their dayly life and routine not having the time to look into the matters that a trustworthy council chamber should represent in the interest of its people I find it a sad state of an afair to watch what is happening in the communitys on the Sunshine Coast and to see how we are beeing sold out
    and controlled by people who couldn't care less
    what tomorrow will bring as long as the Dollars can be made today who care about tomorrow!!! When will we ever learn.???
    tell me when????

  • #14

    Linda (Friday, 29 June 2012 04:20)

    I have lived in Peregian Beach for over 4 years. Not once has the council asked the greater Peregian community how they feel about this event. It appears that they only listen the opinions of residents who have much better views than I have. Esplanades and coastal frontage parks are areas for the whole community - not just the ones who can afford it. It's only 2 days in the whole month - I cannot beleive it causes people so much drama. If you can't find a park... walk... it won't kill you.

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