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What's happening on the Peregian Beach Bowling Club?

Annie Gaffney from the ABC Sunshine Coast's morning radio show was right on to this story when she found out about it yesterday.

Channel 7 also ran an evening new story on it. Let's hope the media can encourage the new owner to clarify their intentions for the site.


There was a meeting of the local stakeholders on Monday morning at the Tennis Club. Councilor Green also made himself available.

It was a gathering with many of the Peregian Beach community group leaders to discuss the news that Pine Rivers Memorial Bowling Club had entered a contract of sale on their large property in the middle of the sports & recreation precinct in Peregian Beach.

The discussion at the meeting was about why a commerical developer would buy a site with a preferred use of open space recreation when there is other commerical properties available in Peregian Beach?  

It was concluded it was because it was bigger and cheaper? 

There was talk about how it would be convenient to have something like an IGA in Peregian Beach, but certainly not at the expense of reducing the recreation space of precinct and displacing the commerical centre of the town.



The Open Space Strategy Plan clearly states that Peregian Beach is 'under provided for recreational parks'.

The task force asked for as much support and information from Council to ensure they understand the planning process and the existing conditions of the Bowling Club. The probability that a great sum of council money would have to be spent on defending the Town Plan and that the site will be left dormant for years, like the Peregian Beach Caravan site, was discussed.


Enquires to Council for a Supermarket development on The Bowling Club site were made back in late September.


It is a shame Pine River Memorial Bowling Club is persisting on top dollar for this site. A member of our local community had approached the club with a reasonable offer for the property with an exciting vision for a sustainable business that is within the preferred use, does not compete with existing traders in the village and compliments the values of the community.





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    s kenrick (Wednesday, 05 September 2012 18:46)

    will it end up like what the Scanlan Group have planned? what happened to the budget accommodation?

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