Open Communication about Open Space

A contract has been signed by Pine River Memorial Bowling Club with the Multi Span Group for the purchase of the Peregian Beach Bowling Club. There is a 90 day settlement commencing the 7th June 2012.

The site includes the active beach volleyball courts and all the open space adjacent to the Tennis Club, Community Kindy, Veggie Village, Di Hurst Oval and the Community House.

Spectulation that the contract price was higher than what seemed viable for a recreational development, does concern the local community group representatives that attended the inperegianbeach placemaking meeting at the Tennis Club today.

It is feared the developer will apply to use the site to put up a multi national supermarket complex.

The site’s preferred use under the planning scheme is for sports & recreation purposes and there is strong feeling & intention in the community and at the meeting that it remain so.

The PBCA will be keeping a close eye on any Development Approval Activity submitted to Council.

Cr Green outlined many of the obstacles the developer will face if they wish to challenge the preferred land use in the current Town Plan.

Council Town Planners have not been contacted for any pre lodgement meetings as yet.

Stay tuned for more information about this community sensitive site and the visionary local business investor who was 'pretty much' gazumped by Pine Rivers.


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