Who let the dogs out!

Sunshine Coast Council is current distributing leaflets on Responsible dog ownership which includes a map of public places you can take you dog on & off leash.


It clearly shows a lack of places inland of Peregian Beach.

None in Peregian Springs, Ninderry, Yandina, Eumundi or Cooroy.


The forecast 60% increase in population is obviously going to put alot more pressure on the beach areas and parking. 

(You cannot take your dog on the bus!)


Stummers Creek - one of the most dog social spots on the coast is currently being 'Masterplanned' by Council and they invite the community to provide feedback by the 12th of June (next Tuesday)

Click here for the link.

Be aware the Sunshine Coast Council leaflet states dogs are not allowed in playground or picnic & BBQ areas. 



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    Mukti Grace (Thursday, 07 June 2012 18:21)

    I have just got back from Europe where there is NO issue with dogs in public spaces. For centuries the italian, French and Germans seemed to have quietly gotten on with life sharing restaurants and public parks with their fur friends. What is it about the Queensland mindset that makes this into a problem?

    No where else in Australia seems overly concerned, what happened in Queensland to have all these prohibitive rules?

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    Peter (Thursday, 07 June 2012 22:22)

    As sent as Stummers Creek Master plan Feedback to Council:

    The area could be that special place where dog owners could be liberated from the (Qld only) law and picnic areas are designed to accommodate people & their dogs.
    There are many places for parents to take their children to play & eat in public, but there is nowhere for people(many single/alone) & their furry companions.
    Stummers is a place that could embrace and celebrate the social connection between man & dog, and even house a coffee van for dog owner's to enjoy as well as make revenue for the Council.
    Many tails that would wag if this place was a sanctuary for people to publicly integrate with dogs. It may assist with personal responsible and connectiveness.

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    About dogs in cafes (Thursday, 07 June 2012 23:00)

    Check out

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    Just me (Thursday, 31 January 2013 01:59)

    Mukti where you ever in Italy or France? You have to step around turds all time, loosing valuable time to explore looking down to prevent a mishap. The problem is not the dogs, it is the owners, got bitten a few month ago just walking past a nervous dog being held by the owner AND that was when I was going past to pick up my 4 years old son 10 meters away from the busy kids playground in Peregian, it was just luck it was me!!!! I say enforce the rules better as many dog owner don't care and fair enough make an area where they can be,