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Just wondering if the most effective way to 'upgrade' Peregian Beach Park is to provide more interactive public / small business facilities in Peregian Springs.

Most of the projected '60% forecast population growth by 2020'  is going to be in the Peregian Springs area. 

Listening to the women at a Peregian Business meeting recently, it was clear they could greatly benefit from having a lively village hub, of their own, that is not fully owned by a monopoly and where open space is not exclusive to members!

The upgrade to Peregian Beach Park would come naturally from not having so much demand on the one place.


The community still wait to see the 'New Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme' and urban design projects that demonstrates the costly amalgamation is effective.

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    Mukti Grace (Wednesday, 23 May 2012 23:53)

    I think that is no brainer. Every Community needs its public spaces such parks and a local strip or as in our case, square shopping area that is designed for the people rather than the how many shops the corporation can fit into the space.

    And parks, real parks instead of a token scrap of land. Peregian Springs is rapidly growing and it seems to me the facilities need to meet the sense of community everyone living there desires.

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    inperegianbeach (Friday, 25 May 2012 18:23)

    Peregian Springs is under a different town plan and Councillor to Peregian Beach. Billboards, signage and density controls differ.
    There is a suggestion Peregian Spring is included the de amalgamation and becomes part of the Noosa Region and changes their town plan to values up held in the region.
    That is when Peregian Beach and Peregian Springs would have a significant connection.