Visions of fun


Creating a fun future.


Hmmm...those Baby Boomers 

 - depleting the natural resources of the world.

- leaving us with a flawed model of economy.

- establishing a society of endless rules and regulations.

- and now asking us to be quiet and make everything flat.


Where has all the fun gone?


It is a difficult task that hopefully our community can address creatively.


A little local visionary design competition has sprouted for the viewing platform design concept in Peregian Park.

Fee freel to send in an image or sketch of your vision and I will publish the most creative that address Place Meaning & Place Economy. It's open to all ages.


Oh and keep the comments coming ...they are all good


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    Jamie (Friday, 18 May 2012 18:08)

    Yes Please, a Wave Bridge is exactly what we need out front.